Transport and logistics hub

Taulov Dry Port

Storage and logistics premises

Taulov Dry Port is a 900,000 m² large multimodal transport and logistics centre, located within an easy reach of the motorway network (E20/E45), a railway, the Port of Fredericia as well as Billund Airport. The central location, providing easy access to both customers and local markets, is the driver for the high demand for modern storage and logistics facilities in Taulov Dry Port.


An innovative combination

The need for competitive and fast transport solutions for companies and consumers has never been greater. The innovative combination of a central location in a European transport hub with multimodal transport options will enable Taulov Dry Port to offer the Danish transport and logistics sector new opportunities for optimising their transport value chains.


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Innovative collaboration with PFA

The development of Taulov Dry Port is realised in partnership with PFA, and over the next decade, investments of DKK 1.5–2.0 billion will turn Taulov Dry Port into Denmark’s leading multimodal transport and logistics centre, with direct access to all modes of transport.

As well-consolidated partners we have high ambitions to offer valuable services and sustainable solutions to customers in Taulov Dry Port.

What do our customers say? 

Salling Group

“We have ambitious climate goals, and we are actively working to promote more climate-friendly transportation. By arranging our bread store logistics so that we drive as few kilometres as possible on as few trucks as possible, we can reduce our carbon footprint, which is why we are locating our entire transport and handling of bread in one place in Taulov Dry Port,” says Nicolai Gradman, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics of Salling Group



System Transport

“We serve customers all over Denmark, which makes the location of our warehouse crucial for optimizing our distribution activities. Taulov Dry Port offered us flexible terms and modern warehouse facilities with an optimal location, so the decision came easy to us,” says Tony Jakobsen, CEO of System Transport




“Expanding our logistics setup with a “hub” in Taulov Dry Port furthers our desire to offer more flexible and even better customer experience. The central location in the Triangle Region brings us closer to our customers, which will ultimately result in shorter transportation times and optimised logistics. Our customers will feel this in the form of faster deliveries. We are very much looking forward to become part of Taulov Dry Port,” says Peter Stedal, Managing Director of Elgiganten