H.J. Hansen

Construction facts:

  • Adress: Prinsessens Kvarter 6, 7000 Fredericia 
  • Start of construction: December 2018
  • Move-in date: September 2019
  • Contractor: KT Erhvervsbyg
  • Description: 579 m² administration building in two levels . 253 m² workshop. 1,855 m² warehouse facilities for storage of metal.


Customer reference

“Our new domicile and production facilities in Taulov Dry Port will have an optimal location, which means that we can optimize our transport and logistics costs. With direct access to quayside areas and a water depth of 15 metres at the Port of Fredericia,  we can ship large quantities of recycled metal products,” says Thomas Christensen, CEO in Uniscrap A/S. (Now H.J. Hansen)