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ADP currently goes through a major transformation where we develop our position of strength through linking the port of Fredericia with a 887,325 m² hinterland area - a so-called dry port. The port of Fredericia is an important junction in the Danish infrastructure, and the port is centrally located in relation to motorways (E20/E45) and the railway network. The central location and access to several modes of transport drive the development of Taulov Dry Port. Taulov near Fredericia has a strong position within transport and logistics as the infrastructure in the area links Denmark to the rest of Europe.

Taulov Dry Port

The development of Taulov Dry Port strengthens the position of the area as a hub for the Danish transport and logistics sector. Many of the major transport and logistics operators have already placed their activities in Taulov because the central location provides easy access to customers and neighbouring markets.

Flexible storage solutions linked to the port

The development of Taulov Dry Port supports the international megatrend towards locating multifunctional transport centres in key hubs. The transport and logistics sector is currently incorporating new technologies, new solutions and other innovations, and the need for fast, competitive forms of delivery to companies and consumers has never been greater. There is a general scarcity of storage and logistics leases in Denmark, and the need for newly constructed storage and logistics leases with a central location is therefore high.

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