Port security


Environment and Security

ADP’s facilities at the ports of Fredericia and Nyborg have been fully implemented in accordance with the ISPS code. In Denmark, port facility security has been implemented in accordance with the regulations managed by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, Maritime Security.

Gates and access control

When a ship calls the secured facilities at ADP’s ports, access to the area will be controlled and the ship’s crew will have an ID card. Carriers and others who need access to the area for the collection or delivery of goods must also receive access cards or access codes from the ship agent, stevedore firm or shipping agency. As an alternative, they can be escorted into the area.



Requirements to the crew

If the crew wants to disembark, the crew must be able to provide identification papers with photos.

Security Manager

If you have any questions in relation to the ISPS code, please contact ADP’s Traffic Service:

The Port of Fredericia: Tel. +45 7921 5020
The Port of Nyborg: Tel. +45 7921 5082

The Security Manager for all of ADP’s ports and can be reached at tel. +45 7921 5000.