We take responsibility

Environment and security

ISPS Port security

It is ADP's goal to ensure that we, as a business partner, offer solutions that meet the expectations of a modern port operator.


ADP pay attention to the environment in our many operations at the ports and in our development of the port areas. The interaction between the city and the port is important, and we respect that we are a neighbour to urban areas, and we are responsible for always being aware of factors that may have an impact on our surroundings.

Operating a port requires us to have focus on energy-efficient solutions that i.a. result in preparing environmental permits and in responsible waste management.

ADP A/S is a responsible company that prioritises environmental impact, security and work environment. We continuously work to maintain standards that benefit customers and employees at the ports in Fredericia, Nyborg and Middelfart.

ADP's ports are busy workplaces with many activities. Security and safe traffic at the ports are therefore crucial to us. Moreover, the facilities at the ports are fully implemented in accordance with the ISPS code.

The employees’ safety is our first priority

As an employee at ADP we want you to feel safe and secure in your job, and this means that we i.a. record near misses and make sure to follow up on them. The employees’ well-being and safety are crucial for the daily operations to be done in a satisfactory way and in accordance with ADP's standards.

Safe users of the ports

We always pay attention to safety for all users of ADP's ports. In collaboration with the security Council at the ports, that includes all users of the ports, ADP and other operators work together to create the best framework for a safe and secure workday.