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ADP Energy Infrastructure A/S

Denmark has a vision to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030 and make Denmark a fossil free society by 2050. This requires investments in infrastructure. Therefore, ADP A/S is expanding its current infrastructure activities within ports and Taulov Dry Port to activities related to PtX and transport of CO2. The activities will be connected to the already existing port infrastructure, which ADP owns and operates. Transport of e.g., CO2 is a potential market for the port sector and for ADP, where it is an extension of the current core business. Thus, there is a strong connection between ADP's existing activities and the new activities.

ADP establishes the subsidiary ADP Energy Infrastructure A/S for the new activities. The subsidiary is planned to own and operate all types of infrastructure that can connect the players within PtX and CCUS as well as support the production of green fuels.

The Triangle Region is the only place in Denmark where the integration of infrastructure, supply, production, and distribution can form a future hub to produce green fuel on a large scale from 2025. The combination of companies within energy and utility, a biogenic power plant, a refinery, and a coming hydrogen plant as well as a high concentration of purchasers of green fuel for the decarbonization within aviation, sea and road transport makes it possible to create one of Denmark's leading hubs for CO2 and production of green fuels.

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ADP A/S makes huge investments in PtX infrastructure

ADP A/S establishes the subsidiary ADP Energy Infrastructure A/S and strengthens its market activities in the development of central infrastructure supporting Denmark’s vision up to 2030 to reduce CO2 emissions. With estimated total investments of more than DKK 1.0 billion within 2030, the new company is the natural next strategic step leading up to the development of the infrastructure supportive Fredericia and the Triangle Region of being a future hub for the production of green fuels.

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