Shipping of large amounts of recycling products


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A significant element in the transformation of ADP's ports is our focus on recycling products. Our ports often serve as hub for the shipping and handling of large quantities of recyclable scrap metal, elements or project cargo for the decommissioning industry. With large areas near the quay and a central location with direct access to the motorway network, the ports of Fredericia and Nyborg are particularly suitable for storage as well as shipping of recycling products.

Location is key

The Port of Fredericia is centrally located with easy access to the Baltic region. With areas near the quay right next to 15 metres of water and a good location in relation to international markets, we annually ship large quantities of recyclable iron in cooperation with our port operators. At the Port of Nyborg, we also offer well-developed port facilities, a water depth of 11 metres and extensive experience within the handling of large elements for the decommissioning industry.

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Uniscrap, the Danish recycling company, gathers all of its activities at Taulov Dry Port

"Our new headquarter and production in Taulov Dry Port will have an optimal location, and we’re therefore able to optimise our transport and logistics costs while gaining access to areas near the quay at the port of Fredericia, right next to 15 metres of water to ship large amounts of scrap", says Thomas Christensen, CEO of Uniscrap A/S.

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Bradal's Produkthandel, a Danish recycling company, moves its shipping activities to the Port of Fredericia - Press release

"At the Port of Fredericia we get access to the quay area directly to 15 metres of water, and this allows us to collect the goods on larger ships up to 30,000 tonnes and have it shipped to our main market in Turkey, which is the world's largest consumer of recyclable iron. We can thus compete with the largest players in Europe, ”says Thomas Bradal, CEO of Bradal's Produkthandel.

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Increasing demand for storage capacity and water depth

The Danish recycling industry has an increasing demand for storage capacity and shipping of larger amounts of recycling products. Larger amounts require larger ships and therefore the demand of infrastructure hubs with easy access to large water depth has increased in the recycling industry.

The Port of Fredericia is an ideal port in relation to water depth and terminal areas near the quays. With a central location in relation to international markets and the opportunities to store recycling products on large terminal areas means that several recycling companies have moved their activities to the Port of Fredericia in regards of storage, handling and shipping of recyclable scrap metal.

Watch video on how efficiently the shipping of large amounts of recycling products at the Port Fredericia takes place