Facilities are optimized for future types of goods and quantities

Port areas and warehouses

ADP increases the warehouse capacity at the Port of Fredericia

The demand for warehouse and storage facilities is growing. ADP and the shipping companies located at the Port of Fredericia have made significant investments in equipment, infrastructure and warehouses as efficiency and capacity are important parameters when handling products such as dry bulk. 

Attractive facilities for bulk storage

With an accumulated warehouse capacity of 154,000 tonnes, dedicated bulk quay areas and a water depth of 15 meters, the Port of Fredericia has the needed facilities to handle and storage large amount of dry bulk products such as agribulk, biofuel and and salt. All warehouses have pressure resistant sides for storage of dry bulk as well as facilities for drying of grain prior to shipment. 


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Optimal facilities and location

The Port of Fredericia has five luffing cranes, four mobile cranes and two smaller cranes at its disposal. The customers benefit from high efficiency in handling all sizes of vessels and ship-to-ship operations. In terms of moving dry bulk to the hinterland destinations the Port of Fredericia is located with easy access to the motorways (E20/E45) and the European railway network.

New silos rises at the Port of Fredericia

A new and modern silo plant on a total of 10 silos with room for 40,000 tonnes of grain will soon be ready at the port area. Fredericia Shipping is behind the facility, which overall will improve the facilities at the port and support increased quantities of grain to the Port of Fredericia.

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Optimal port facilities for handling large amounts of recycling products

By moving production and shipment of recycling products to a central location with easy access to motorways and good port facilities for shipping large quantities, Uniscrap A/S can secure its competitive position.

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