One of Denmark's largest ports for import and export of grain and feed

Dry bulk

Bulk shipping at the Port of Fredericia

With areas near the quays, a large warehouse capacity and an optimal location in relation to the Baltic region and the Danish motorway and railway networks, the Port of Fredericia is one of Denmark's largest ports for the import and export of dry bulk cargo such as grain and feed products. At the Port of Fredericia, we also handle large amounts of imported bioproducts.

Optimal bulk transport

At the Port of Fredericia, the customers can also link the import and export of dry bulk cargo to the rental of storage and logistics facilities in Taulov Dry Port - a 887,325 m² transport and logistics center. Linking the storage facilities at Taulov Dry Port to areas near the quays and the possibility of large shipments at the Port of Fredericia gives added value to our customers.


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Efficient bulk terminal 

Facilities to handle dry bulk cargo are available at the ADP's ports. The ports has the necessary quay areas, a large water depth as well as experience in handling large quantities of bulk products in a short time. In cooperation with the port operators, we continuously invest in equipment, infrastructure and warehouses because efficiency and capacity are significant parameters when handling dry bulk.

Read more about Fredericia Bulk Terminal, which is one of Denmarks largest and most automated bulk terminals. 

If you require any further information about how we can handle and storage your dry bulk cargo, feel free to contact us.

At the ADP ports, we handle many different types of dry bulk products such as:

Road salt

Sea materials

Granite chippings