Important hub in the Baltic region


Port areas and warehouses at the Port of Fredericia

For a number of years, the green transition in the Danish energy and utility sector has meant a significant increase in the import of alternative bio products such as wood pellets, wood chips, biofuel and other bioproducts. A large part of the Danish import goes through the Port of Fredericia and we have increased the overall business within bioproducts in recent years.

Important transportation hub for bio products in the Baltic region

The Port of Fredericia is centrally located in relation to the Baltic region and is one of Denmark's largest ports for goods throughput, i.e. import and export. The port is also located central to the to the Danish utility sector, and with an optimal location close to the motorway network (E20/E45) the Port of Fredericia provides easy access to neighbouring markets.

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Close collaboration with port operators

The handling of large amounts of imported bioproducts is done in close collaboration with the port operators that are leading shipping companies on the market. Our business partners are locally rooted with their own offices at the ports. They therefore have a good basis to provide consultancy and to find solutions that creates value for our customers in the Danish utility.

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The Port of Fredericia

The Port of Nyborg