We handle large amounts of goods each year

Cargo Solutions

Large container terminal at the Port of Fredericia

In the past few years, we have initiated a significant development of our ports to attract more goods and more projects. We invest in optimising areas, new facilities and improvements of the infrastructure at the ports to make sure that our customers receive the best solutions for efficient handling of cargo. 

The development in the Danish transport and port sector is moving towards the consolidation of cargo in the major transport corridors. The Port of Fredericia is centrally located in one of the major European transport corridors, which makes the port a hub for import and export of goods in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Taulov Dry Port

In Fredericia, we link the port to Taulov Dry Port which is a 887,325 m² hinterland area where modern storage and logistics facilities and possibilities for handling and transshipping goods between port, railway and road will secure effective transport and logistics solutions. Our customers will gain access to areas near the quay right next to 15 metres of water and newly built storage facilities in Taulov Dry Port, which gives added value to customers.

At the ports, we handle: