We support local sports and culture


ADP extends its main sponsorship with FC Fredericia

Being a port operator with local roots, an important part of ADP’s fundamental values is to show social responsibility and to do positive work for our surroundings. ADP has always supported sports and the culture in the cities in which we operate our ports. That contributes to the development and the building up of the local communities in Fredericia, Nyborg and Middelfart.


Strategic sponsorship cooperation

In accordance with the company's general strategy, we formed one-year strategic sponsorship cooperation relationships once again in 2019 with three important culture and sports institutions in Fredericia; FC Fredericia, Fredericia Håndbold and Fredericia Teater. ADP uses the investment to contribute to the development of some of Fredericia’s important institutions that create life and unity in the city. The large sponsorship cooperation relationships are of a strategic nature and support the company strategy and branding, locally and nationally.

ADP also offers sponsorships in Nyborg and Middelfart where we continuously support culture and sport events.

ADP extends its main sponsorship with FC Fredericia 

ADP extends its main sponsorship with FC Fredericia for 2019 and thus continues its support for the sport in the city. It is important for us as a company to show local social responsibility, and ADP has always supported the sport and culture in Fredericia.

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ADP supports young Olympics triathlete

In 2017, ADP and Fredericia Idrætsfond entered into a sponsorship with Denmark’s young Olympics triathlete, Andreas Schilling, from Fredericia. Andreas participated in the Olympic Games in 2016 and has an aim to participate in the Olympic Games in 2020 as well.