ADP increases the warehouse capacity at the Port of Fredericia

At the Port of Fredericia, ADP and our business partners have a total warehouse capacity of more than 150,000 m² for storing solid bulk. In recent times, we have seen increasing demand for warehouse capacity, and therefore ADP is now investing in two new warehouses, which will give increased flexibility in terms of service and attracting customers.

The warehouses will be suitable for all types of dry bulk, so we meet a broad target group. "Customers' need for extra storage capacity can occur suddenly, and it is therefore crucial for us that we have free capacity and can act quickly when customers demand it", says Udo Frandsen, Sales Manager at ADP A/S.

The construction of the warehouses is a total of 3,950 m² and will constitute a total investment of DKK 12-15 million. DKK, and they are expected to be ready by 2020.