Uniscrap, the Danish recycling company, gathers all of its activities at Taulov Dry Port

One of Denmark's major recycling companies, Uniscrap A/S, is moving its headquarters, production and shipping of scrap iron and scrap metal from Kolding to Fredericia. Uniscrap A/S processes and sells scrap metal to markets all over the world, and in the years to come, the company's activities will be based in a new production plant and administrative head office at Taulov Dry Port and at the Port of Fredericia.

The Danish recycling industry is characterised by intense competition, and decisive competitive parameters are price and amount. By moving its production and shipping of scrap to a central location with easy access to motorways and favourable port facilities for the shipping of large amounts, Uniscrap A/S is able to secure its competitive position.
"Our new headquater and production at Taulov Dry Port will have the perfect location, and we’re therefore able to optimise our transport and logistics costs while gaining access to areas near the quay at the port of Fredericia, right next to 15 metres of water to ship large amounts of scrap", says Thomas Christensen, CEO of Uniscrap A/S.

Important hub in the Baltic region
For many years, Uniscrap A/S has had activities several places in Jutland, Zealand and Sweden. The new location in Taulov enables the company to consolidate large amounts of scrap in a transport hub, providing Uniscrap A/S with good possibilities to optimise logistics and to link the import and export of scrap from modern storage facilities and areas at the port of Fredericia as well as at Taulov Dry Port. "We're closing down in Kolding and moving our activities to the port of Fredericia and Taulov Dry Port which will then be an important hub for our activities. The port of Fredericia is perfectly located in relation to the Baltic region, and our new headquater in Taulov supports our strategy about further consolidation and growth", says Thomas Christensen.

Storage headquater designed to meet future requirements
Uniscrap’s future headquater at Taulov Dry Port will be constructed at a 20,700 m² area. It will be the first new construction within the industry for years and will have focus on the highest possible degree of environmental protection. The majority of the area will be used to store recyclable scrap metal. Taulov Dry Port owns the area and is also in charge of the total investment in the construction of Uniscrap’s new and future-proof storage headquater, a total of 3,119 m² with workshops and covered areas.

An important piece on the world map
Uniscrap A/S is part of one of the world's largest recycling companies, Chiho Environmental Group (CEG), headquartered in Hong Kong and with activities in more than 30 countries and with more than 200 locations. The establishment of the facilities in Fredericia contributes to supporting the strategy of making Denmark the Scandinavian centre of CEG’s activities in the area. "Establishing the facilities in Fredericia gives Uniscrap A/S and Chiho Environmental Group access to a unique deep-sea terminal and exceptional consolidation opportunities for the group companies in the region", says Thomas Christensen.

Linking the port and dry port
The link between Taulov Dry Port and the port of Fredericia enables ADP to offer companies the entire transport and logistics chain. Taulov is known for being a European transport hub, and companies will see a huge potential in consolidating their business in an area with easy access to all modes of transport.

Uniscrap and ADP entered into a long-term agreement which means that Uniscrap will have an overall solution in relation to building a new headquater with workshops and areas at Taulov Dry Port as well as at the port of Fredericia for storing, handling and shipping scrap metal. "We look forward to building a modern and future-proof storage headquater for Uniscrap and at the same time adding new activities to the Port of Fredericia with the storage and shipping of large amounts of scrap metal", says Rune Dalgaard Rasmussen, CCO of ADP.

The agreement with Uniscrap will also create 25 new jobs in the municipality of Fredericia.