Fredericia Shipping A/S and ADP A/S set up a joint company to be in charge of operations and development of Denmark’s second largest container terminal in the Port of Fredericia.  

Fredericia Container Terminal will be the first container terminal in Denmark with a direct connection between the port and the adjoining hinterland terminal.

With Fredericia Container Terminal A/S, the Port of Fredericia will expand its position from being a container port of regional importance to being one of Denmark’s national container hubs with international accessibility via all the major container shipping lines.

Fredericia Container Terminal will have the ambition to become the most efficient, sustainable digitalised terminal in Denmark and among the leaders in Northern Europe. This is accompanied by investments worth millions of DKK in a more efficient setup and digitalisation and a commitment to implement the transition towards a CO2 neutral terminal in 2030 – investments that follow the investments already launched in the expansion of the Port of Fredericia.

Denmark’s second largest container terminal
The foundation of the new company is an extension of many years of close cooperation between ADP A/S and Fredericia Shipping A/S in the development of one of Denmark’s most competitive container terminals. With the new company, the two parties enter into a long-term contract with focus on the operation and the commercial development of the container business, which will underpin local growth and job creation in Fredericia, the Region of Southern Denmark and the rest of Denmark for many years to come.

Fredericia Container Terminal A/S is established as a direct extension of the expansion of the port which has just been approved, where the area of the container terminal will be doubled to a total of 150,000 sqm and prepared for a sustainable future with shore power connection, electrification of cranes and other equipment as well as improved digital solutions.

Right from the start Fredericia Container Terminal A/S will connect the terminal in the port with Taulov Container & Rail Terminal and thus have a total area of more than 200,000 sqm in the initial stage.

The port of Fredericia is not only Denmark’s second largest container port, but also the first container terminal with direct railway connection between the adjoining hinterland terminal and the port. This enables the innovative terminal to generate green and competitive combined transportation solutions on a par with other international ports.

Fredericia Shipping A/S has developed its container business
Since 1998, Fredericia Shipping A/S has been the operator of the container business in the Port of Fredericia and has thus been instrumental in the development of an efficient and competitive container activity.

“The establishment of Fredericia Container Terminal A/S is the result of many years of successful cooperation between Fredericia Shipping and ADP. The establishment of the new company should be seen in the light of recent years’ developments, where the container market has made a positive move in our direction, and where the Port of Fredericia has gained an ever-increasing importance. The container volumes that have traditionally been transported by truck to and from Hamburg and Bremerhaven in Germany have in recent years increasingly been moved to feeder transport to and from Fredericia”, says Klaus G. Andersen, CEO of Fredericia Shipping A/S, and continues:

“Fredericia Container Terminal will continue as a neutral, efficient and highly competitive terminal serving all the international container shipping companies. We look very much forward to continuing the development of our great cooperation with ADP as well as existing and new customers.”   

Fredericia Container Terminal A/S will have a neutral position in the market which will make Fredericia a competitive alternative in an international context. Here everyone can have a strategic long-term position and be part of a tactical and operational cooperation.  

A combination of port and dry port
The demand for solutions combining both rail and maritime transportation as an alternative to transportation by trucks between the ports of Northern Europe has been increasing rapidly as the demand for climate-friendly transportation solutions has gained momentum. The Port of Fredericia is linked to the large European ports such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Antwerp, with several weekly calls from different shipping lines.

“Fredericia will take part in the growth on the global container market, and we therefore need a strong local partner and the upcoming expansion of the port, so that both areas, security and logistics can keep up with the increased container volumes. With the new company we will have just that: a binding and close cooperation in the development of the container business. In recent years we have seen that the container market has moved in the direction of our transport corridor with port and dry port, and our new company will enable the container business to grow in the years to come. We look very much forward to cooperating with Fredericia Shipping in the continued development of the Port of Fredericia as one of the most competitive, sustainable, and efficient ports”, says Rune D. Rasmussen, CEO of ADP A/S.

The board of ADP is very satisfied with the formation of the new company. Christian Herskind, Chairman of the board, says:

The historic development of ADP in recent years, with growth and long-term investments in the port infrastructure and the development of Taulov Dry Port, is precisely the result of good business cooperation and political backing in our locality. The foundation of the new joint company, Fredericia Container Terminal A/S, supports our strategy to continue the development of Fredericia and Taulov as a European green transportation hub that will benefit our owner municipalities”, says Christian Herskind, Chairman of the Board of ADP A/S.

Vice-Chairman of the Board of ADP, the mayor of Fredericia Steen Wrist, is also pleased with the establishment of the new company between ADP and Fredericia Shipping:

“Fredericia is unique in many ways, and the fact that ADP and Fredericia Shipping create Denmark’s first container terminal with a direct railway connection between the adjoining hinterland terminal and the port makes me very proud. The new company will strengthen the significance of the Port of Fredericia locally and contribute towards maintaining local labour in the port which can ensure growth for many years to come. I look forward to following the development of the company, and ADP’s and Fredericia Shipping’s determination and ability to take the lead while taking up the social responsibility splendidly underpin Vision 2033 of the City Council of Fredericia that Fredericia will be the center of green transition in the future. The innovative terminal can create green combined transport solutions to the benefit of the climate impact.”


For further information please contact:

Rune D. Rasmussen

Tel: +45 2969 2011

Klaus G. Andersen

CEO, Fredericia Shipping A/S
Tel: +45 4014 2225


About ADP A/S  
ADP A/S owns and operates the Ports of Fredericia and Nyborg and handles the operation of the Port of Middelfart. These ports have a unique central location, good logistical conditions and live up to international standards in terms of capacity and water depth. The Port of Fredericia is facing a major expansion comprising a modern, expanded container and RO/RO terminal completed with shore power connection which will enable the capacity to achieve growth in climate-friendly types of transportation.

ADP A/S and the pension company PFA develop Taulov Dry Port as a joint venture, with a multimodal transportation and logistics centre at Taulov centrally located in the hinterland area close to the port with easy access to the motorway and the railway. The Port of Fredericia and Taulov Dry Port make up Denmark’s green transportation hub, supporting the green transition of the transport and logistics sector with climate-focused solutions.

About Fredericia Shipping A/S

Fredericia Shipping A/S is a family-owned company, established in 1973 by Niels Jørgen Andersen. Since 1996 the company has been managed by Klaus G. Andersen from the second generation, and in 2021 he was joined by third generation Amalie Laigaard Andersen.

The principal activity of the company is located at the Port of Fredericia, and it is supplemented by an approx. 300,000 sqm rail terminal at Taulov, 6 km west of the Port of Fredericia.

Together with its sister company Schultz Shipping A/S and affiliated companies, the company offers logistics, agency and terminal solutions in most of the best located Danish ports, including Fredericia, Lindø/Odense, Kalundborg, Grenaa, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Nakskov and Vordingborg.