Extraordinary cruise call to Fredericia

One of the very large cruise ships, MSC Preziosa, gave ultra-short notice about their arrival at the Port of Fredericia on June 15, 2018. MSC Preziosa had around 3,800 guests aboard, which came from all over Europe.

One of the big cruise ships changed its plans and asked for permission to call Fredericia on Friday, June 15th. With approx. 3,800 guests and 1,300 crew members it was the largest ship in Fredericia ever. The ship is 333 meters long, however the cruise quay can take ships up to 370 metres.

The call to Fredericia came with very short notice, so Visit Fredericia, ADP and the city's other partners worked on overtime to make the city ready for the call in less than one and a half days.

Due to bad weather in Bergen, where the ship should have arrived, the captain changed the plans and instead asked specifically to call Fredericia. 

Facts about the ship
The ship is called MSC Preziosa. MSC Cruises states on its website that the ship holds 1751 cabins, is 333 metres long and has a top speed of 24.21 knots. The ship was launched in 2013. The ship has 18 decks, of which there are 13 passenger decks. It's about. 3,800 guests aboard and they come from all over Europe.