Bradal's Produkthandel, a Danish recycling company, moves its shipping activities to the Port of Fredericia

One of Denmark's large companies in the recycling industry, Bradal's Produkthandel, moves the storage and shipment of recycled iron to the Port of Fredericia. Bradal's Produkthandel prepares and distributes recycled iron to markets throughout Europe, and the company's export and import of products will take place from the Port of Fredericia over the next many years.

A decisive competitive parameter for the Danish recycling industry is price and quantity, and by moving the storage and discharging of recyclable iron to the Port of Fredericia, Bradal's Produkthandel gets some competitive advantages.

"At the Port of Fredericia we get access to the quay area directly to 15 metres of water, and this allows us to collect the goods on larger ships up to 30,000 tonnes and have it shipped to our main market in Turkey, which is the world's largest consumer of recyclable iron. We can thus compete with the largest players in Europe, ”says Thomas Bradal, CEO of Bradal's Produthandel. 

ADP is in the process of developing where areas and facilities in the Port of Fredericia will be adapted to new business and increasing volumes of goods from eg. recycling industry.

"We are currently seeing a tendency for increasing volumes of goods to be consolidated in the major European transport corridors. Precisely because of the Port of Fredericia's central location in relation to international markets, our water depth and the easy access to the motorway network, we are developing the port's areas and facilities for future goods, ”says Rune Dalgaard Rasmussen, CCO of ADP A/S.

Bradal's Produkthandel and ADP have entered into a long-term agreement, which means that over the next few years, Bradal can consolidate their import and export activities in Fredericia.

"We are looking forward to working with ADP, and it has been crucial for us to have a partner who has investment willingness and who can offer us a total solution for handling, storing and shipping recyclable iron," concludes Thomas Bradal.