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A historic expansion of the Port of Fredericia will double container terminal capacity and establish new and extended container and Ro-Ro terminals

The largest development project in the history of the Port of Fredericia is set to double con-tainer capacity and ensure that the Port of Fredericia gets its share of the increasing con-tainer and RO/RO cargo volumes – while also supporting the ADP aim to become fossil-free by 2030. By investing hundreds of millions of Danish Kroner in a new container terminal as well as a new RO/RO terminal, the Port of Fredericia will strengthen its position as Denmark’s leading multimodal hub. The port expects to attract more container and RO/RO shipping lines which will increase the cargo through put which will have a positive impact on growth and job creation in the Region of Southern Denmark.

The Port of Fredericia is one of Denmark’s largest transport and logistics hubs. The port handles significant volumes of imports and exports for a large part of the industrial and production companies in the Region of Southern Denmark. In recent years, the Port of Fredericia has seen increased container activities as a result of the generally positive market conditions but also as a result of ADP’s growth strategy, in which the Port of Fredericia is connected to the multimodal hinterland area, Taulov Dry Port, that attracts increasing goods volumes to Fredericia by sea and rail.

The application to the extended container and RO/RO terminal has been sent to the authorities. Before the construction work can begin, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) procedures must be conducted. The new container and RO/RO terminals are expected to be ready by the end of 2024.

Tomorrow's green logistics hub
The increased demand on mandatory carbon footprint reduction among businesses and in society in general, increases the demand for more climate-friendly means of transport. Through development and investment initiatives, the Port of Fredericia and Taulov Dry Port are set to become tomorrow’s green transportation hub. The partnership will have the competitive edge as it will have capacity to handle the increasing volumes of container cargo that inevitably will be a result of the increased demand for climate-friendly means of transport.

The Port of Fredericia has direct connections to major European ports, such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Antwerp, and, via a network of highly frequent services run by the largest container shipping lines, the port is a sustainably good alternative to international road transport that has become less attractive since the EU Mobility Package came into force.

Growth and jobs
The Port of Fredericia is strategically important national port infrastructure. The port is also of immense commercial significance for regional employment and growth. The construction of the new, state-of-the-art container and RO/RO terminals supports a new and greener future for the Port of Fredericia, where the port facilities as cranes and other equipment will be powered by electricity or alternative fuels.

“In recent years, our container business volume has been record-breaking. Our prognoses reveal that demand for sea transport will continue to increase in line with global growth and growing inter-national trade consolidated around the major logistics hubs. We intend to take our share of growth in the global container market. Therefore, we need to expand our port infrastructure in Fredericia to ensure that our premises, security systems and logistics flow can accommodate larger volumes of container traffic. Even now, the container market is shifting towards our major transport corridor. With the right infrastructure, our container business may grow to twice as large in the future,” says CEO Rune D. Rasmussen, ADP A/S.

Fredericia Shipping A/S has developed the container business at the Port of Fredericia
Fredericia Shipping A/S has operated the container business at the Port of Fredericia since the company's foundation in 1998. Fredericia Shipping A/S has successfully developed efficient and competitive container activities at the port. In recent years, container volume has increased. In 2020, the container volume grew by a record-breaking 11 %. Moreover, growth is expected to continue.

“We see a very positive development in the demand for solutions that combine transport by rail and sea as an alternative to road transport between European ports. Fredericia and Taulov together are a growth centre for container cargo consolidation. We are therefore looking forward to making the Port of Fredericia one of the most competitive ports in the market. We operate a highly efficient set-up that, in recent years, has encouraged several shipping lines to make Fredericia a weekly port of call. The result is, of course, additional container activity,” says Rune D. Rasmussen.

Town and port in unison
The coming port expansion will create growth and jobs – and support the overall development of Fredericia. In the port expansion project, ADP has included a series of attractive features. For example, outside the security area of the port, viewpoints will be established, from which local people will be able to observe port activities at a safe distance.

The Port of Fredericia is decisive for economic growth and job creation in Fredericia. The upcoming port development will support the positive business development in Fredericia and will be a benefit to the port’s many customers, partners and service companies. The port is essential to the town’s DNA. Now, as always, the port is growing and the people of Fredericia benefit. There is a good balance between port and town. For these reasons, I am delighted to note that the port devel-opment project focuses on not only green transition but also on the local urban environment. The port will remain a proud workplace and continue to be a crucial part of Fredericia’s infrastructure without compromising environmental goals or local ambitions with regard to settlement,” says Mayor Steen Wrist, Fredericia Municipality.

The port development project ties in with Fredericia’s municipal planning 2017-2029, which aims to achieve port growth and development in harmony with its surroundings.

For further information, contact:

Rune D. Rasmussen
Phone: +45 2969 2011

Erik Østergaard
Chairman of the Board, ADP A/S
Phone: +45 4015 1225 


Facts about the port development project
The container terminal will be built on the Vesthavnen. A 230-metre extension to the present quay will bring full quay length to 485 m with a harbour basin water depth of 15 m. Container facilities will be extended to cover a total of 170,000 m2 based on projected/estimated 160,000 TEU in 2026-2027.

The new container terminal will handle larger container vessels and two container vessels at once. The port development project also contributes to ADP’s goal to become fossil free by 2030.

The new RO/RO terminal will be erected as a pier with two berths. The present RO/RO terminal has only one berth. New RO/RO ramps will be located adjacent to trailer slots. This is expected to significantly reduce internal transportation and improve port logistics.

The construction of the new container- and RORO terminals will effectively separate these activities and therefore improve work safety at the port.

The port expansion is a sustainable and future-proof solution that will include a quayside power supply system at the container terminal. In future, cranes here will run on electricity. This will reduce noise and ensure that ADP achieves its climate goals.

An Onshore Power Supply (OPS) system will be installed on the quayside at the new RO/RO ter-minal to provide a future-proof auxiliary power supply for RO/RO vessels.

To encourage harmony between town and port during port development, certain areas close to the port although outside the port security area will be enhanced. For example, viewpoints will be estab-lished so that local people can observe port activities at a safe distance.

In connection with the imminent official processing in the next year or so, ADP will establish a showroom, at which, by means of visualisations and other information material, members of the public and other interested parties can learn more about the project. The showroom will be erected near Port House on Vendersgade.

About ADP A/S
ADP owns and operates the Port of Fredericia and the Port of Nyborg. In addition, ADP operates Middelfart Trafikhavn. These ports have a unique central location and excellent logistics conditions and meet international standards with regard to cargo capacity and water depth. ADP is currently developing Taulov Dry Port as a multimodal transport and logistics centre in Taulov with a central location close to port, motorway and railway.

Combining the Port of Fredericia with Taulov Dry Port makes this area a hub for the development of modern warehouse and logistics facilities to support the intelligent, multimodal transport solutions of the future.